"Scott Roberts is an amazing teacher, and has been an excellent source of motivation and inspiration to do my best. I would not trade Scott for anyone else."

"He is an excellent teacher and mentor. He is an invaluable resource. Scott is very passionate and enthusiastic about his job and about his students."

"Scott is an excellent communicator. He not only understands what he is talking about but he had the ability to help others understand it too and thats what makes an instructor an effective one."

"I have never had a professor that is so intelligent and has the ability to relate the information he has over to the students that actually need it. I have taken organic chemistry for one year and basically understood pretty much nothing. Dr. Roberts was able to break down material taught in organic in such a simplified and understandable way that I understood all the material in 2 weeks. The great thing about taking his class is that he gives you a lot of insight on exactly what medical school requires and strategies on how to go about executing your application. This professor stays behind after class crowded by a mass of students asking for extra advice and insights on all sorts of areas of MCAT, medical schools, etc. Scott Roberts is a great asset to this organization and I believe that a lot of his students will perform greatly on the MCAT and probably get accepted to different medical schools."

"Scott Roberts is an excellent tutor. His ability to break down complicated concepts lies in his great understanding of the material. He is able to convey the material in a simple and clear way that every student is able to grasp hence making him a great instructor. Beyond the raw material for the MCAT, Scott takes time to explain about the overall process of getting accepted to medical school and shares his personal experiences with the class. Scott's passion of teaching reflects abundantly when he takes time out of his busy schedule to ensure that every student understood what was taught in the lecture even if it means staying after the lecture is over. Scott is genuinely interested in his students' success and that is what makes him a remarkable instructor."

"Could not have asked for a better teacher."

"Scott is an excellent teacher. He makes himself readily available after class, during breaks, and by e-mail. Keep up the good work."

"This guy is probably the most important source for any MCAT student. It is quite ridiculous the amount of information he knows, and his methods in conveying it. He is the reason I will have any success on the MCAT. No offense to Kaplan or any other MCAT prep course, but Scott is the best because he knows every in and out of this test. I am very fortunate to have him, and I feel bad for any student that does not."

"Scott is a phenomenal teacher - probably one of the best teachers I have ever had! He knows the material inside and out, and he knows how to TEACH it to us so that we understand. He is extremely open to questions, and encourages everyone to ask all questions. He knows the MCAT and the questions asked, which is the best part. I feel like I am learning tons from him, and I feel very lucky to have him as a teacher."

"Scott Roberts is enthusiastic, intelligent, and a great great teacher."

"I have been impressed with his comprehensive understanding of the material. I wish I knew the material as well as he does! Thanks for your time."

"He is a great teacher. He makes sure we know what we are doing and gives us great pointers for the exam."

"Amazing Job! I love Scott. I love the way he teaches and simplifies otherwise difficult concepts."

"He is an excellent teacher, very interactive and he makes the learning experience very enjoyable. He has his best interest in the success of all his students which is comforting."

"Where to start? How about this....Scott is the best educator since Socrates. He has brought to me a level of understanding of sophisticated topics that for my entire life have puzzled me. Scott is approachable, friendly, and truly contagious in his love of learning. It is not an overstatement to say that Scott is the best educator that I have ever known. Scott makes even organic chemistry interesting. I was originally concerned that I would have a dull tutor, instead I have someone who has energized me and reignited my passion for learning."

"I feel very lucky to have Scott! He is a wonderful teacher."

"Scott is amazing. He really knows the material. He is funny, intelligent, dynamic, and very engaging."

"The best instructor I have ever had! Knows the test and the material like no one else, and conveys it in the best way possible. Always friendly and helpful. Having a class with Scott is just about as good as MCAT prep can get."

"Very engaging."

"Honestly, Scott was one of the best instructors I have had. Not only was he knowledgeable about the subject matter, but he was extremely engaging and kept the class in high spirits during a time of extreme stress."

"Keep it on! He is the best teacher I have ever had."

"He is the BEST TEACHER."

"Stay the way you are Scott. You are exactly what students in my position need. A master at getting us out of our mindset of rote memorization and into application to the point where it all seems like common sense."

"Extremely capable and intelligent instructor, having been a medical student himself. He is very down to earth, easy to talk, and just an awesome guy. Scott you rock!"

"He is very knowledgeable and really likes to teach."

"He should teach more classes, since his teaching really helped understand concepts."

"Great teacher, incredibly knowledgeable about both material and MCAT style."

"I am serious when I say Scott has been one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever had. His classes were extremely helpful in studying for the MCAT, he was ridiculously knowledgeable about the test and his experiences in the medical field were very inspiring. I really wish he could have taught every pre-med class that I have ever taken as an undergraduate as his teaching methods were much better than any of my professors and he clearly explained the pure fundamentals of each important concept. His classes were also always really enjoyable as he always had the whole class laughing out loud. Basically....BEST TEACHER EVER! Thank you Scott."

"This tutor is just absolutely BRILLIANT! If 3/4 of our professors could teach like him in undergraduate, we would ace all our exams and achieve a 4.0 GPA in a heart beat. The guy is a genius!"

"Keep up the awesome teaching! You definitely made me want to learn the material very thoroughly, and I know that I shall destroy the MCAT now. Thanks Scott."

"Scott is a great teacher! He goes beyond the textbook and uses his own experiences and a lot of anecdotes to illustrate the concept he is trying to convey. His teaching method is effective and efficient."

"Scott was an exceptional teacher. He was by far the most knowledgeable person that I know when it comes to the MCAT. He came up with very engaging questions about concepts that we learned."

"Scott has a great understanding of the MCAT (raw material as well as overall process of getting accepted to medical school) and is able to convey his knowledge to his students in a clear and simple way. He takes time to make sure complicated concepts are understood and is truly interested in his students' success. I was very fortunate to have him as my instructor."

"He is an awesome teacher."

"Scott was awesome. Best MCAT instructor ever. I probably easily increased my score by many points because I had him as an instructor. Thanks Scott."

"Scott is THE BEST. He does a great job teaching the classes, and always makes sure we understand the material. He is always available to help us in class, and after class ends."

"He was excellent, I could not have asked for a better teacher. He knew all the ins and outs and strategies possible for every type of question that we might encounter. But what I most appreciated was that he was always very direct and straightforward. If we were going over a simple concept and everyone understood it, he wouldn't dwell on it and would move forward. He didn't waste time, and that is very important when you are juggling these classes, the additional homework, and a full time job."

"He is great."

"Scott has an impressive amount of energy and seems to put as much as he can into each lesson. He is extremely knowledgeable about the test and is full of tips for his students. He shows an ability to focus on the important parts of the test which will allow his students to achieve the greatest score. He also took a lot of time to make sure everyone knew what they should work on so nobody got left behind. His lessons were memorable and never lacked enthusiasm making it easy to focus and keep an interest. As a college student, he is exactly the type of teacher I hope for the beginning of each semester."

"Scott is one of the BEST teachers I have ever had in all my years of being a student which is a lot. From elementary school to undergraduate, graduate, and now post-bac premed, Scott definitely has created a lasting impression on me. He cares deeply about ensuring that each one of his students understands the material implicitly, and he takes the extra time to teach concepts clearly and thoroughly. His love for the subjects is contagious. He makes learning fun and funny as well as interesting. Scott has a gift, an ability to connect with students, understand what they don't understand, and teach them how to understand the material in a comprehendible way."

"I can honestly say that the classes far exceeded my expectations going in. I thought I would get most of my foundation from studying on my own, however, the lectures really did the job."

"He is great and I learned a lot. Extremely helpful."

"To me, he appeared to be an expert about MCAT in terms of what materials will be covered. He made this intellectually challenging course both funny and approachable. Overall, he is a great teacher."

"Scott is a wonderful instructor! I was so glad to have him teach me the MCAT materials. He is the best."

"He was a great teacher and he was extremely knowledgeable about the MCAT. He made the class much more engaging and encouraged all of us to participate instead of simply listening to his lecture."

"He really knew the test and taught us all the information needed to feel confident going in. He got to know his students and provided lots of helpful information about the application process and the medical school experience. I would highly recommend Scott to any of my friends and simply wouldn't have felt prepared for the MCAT without him."

"Great teaching style and excellent engagement of the class into the topic discussed."

"Yay Scott."